Body care

Be Nice

Everyone longs for being good-looking and healthy. As well as thrift is a universal merit with present days boosting the quality. Be Nice makes a two-hare story a reality offering natural ingredients, effective formulae, stylish design at attractively low price. Be Nice Series includes bodywash, body lotion, body oil, body cream and body scrub. Volume 50-180ml.

Fresh Fruit

Natural oils and fruit extracts that this glycerine soap is rich of see to summer fragrances remain round the year, just the way its unusual shape does to coziness of the house. Net 50-100g

Little Joy

Bodywash Little Joy is likely to find a similar response of yours and your child's. The attractive design and unusual package shapes (little animal, car, flower-like) make bathing a lot of fun. Adults are sure to appreciate the novelty and originality of present. Bodywash cleans skin effectively leaving it smell nice. It's not just a must have but contributes a lot to bathroom interior. Volume 40-100ml.


Femfresh is #1 in England, being the most recognizable, trustworthy and feminine intimate hygiene brand. 7 out of 10 women choose Femfresh for its gentle PH-balance maintenance and all-day softness that it pampers your skin with.

Femfresh - N1 в Англии

Femfresh is #1 in England