Baby Powders

They soften baby's skin naturally leaving it smooth. Powder composition includes vitamin E, tapioca, aloe, chitosan, with the latter ones enabling them to absorb safely and efficiently, both to smoothen and to soothe irritated and sensitive children's skin.

Net/volume 50g, 200g, 100ml.


Kodomo Baby Powders

Foam Bath

It's safe for all-age children including newborns. Fluffy foam it produces gently cleans children's skin. But its being tear-free is of utmost importance. Foam Bath doesn't overdry skin caring for its natural balance maintenance.


Net/volume 90g, 100g, 200ml.

Foam Bath

Kodomo Foam Bath

Foaming Shampoo

It ensures much more enjoyment and comfort as used thanks to an innovative metering hopper, with its creating foamy fruit bubbles/clouds. It contains specially worked out hypoallergenic formula with a refreshing scent of strawberry or orange. Provitamin B5 and light conditioner being active ingredients see to sealing in hair natural moisture, preserving it soft, healthy and shiny. It's tear-free.


Volume 180ml, refill volume 180ml

Kodomo Foaming Shampoo

Foaming Shampoo

Foaming Bodywash

Bodywash special formula maintains natural PH-balance and makes it safe for too sensitive skin. It freshens up skin and leaves a pleasant fruit scent. With refills available Foaming Series turns out to guarantee up to 40% savings on costs.

Volume 180ml, refill volume 180ml.


Kids' Toothpaste with a toy

Its innovative formula contains fluoride and xylitol which nourish teeth on essential mineral elements. Safe natural ingredients ensure its appropriateness even for the ones with just their first freshly erupted tooth. Toothpaste quality is recognized and appraised by Profident, the prophylactodontics centre. Strawberry, orange, grape, fruit scents attract kids. A surprise toy in every pack boosts the enjoyment.

Net 50g


Kodomo Kids' Toothpaste with a toy

Kids' Toothpaste + Toothbrush 2-in-1

Rounded and soft bristle tips are specially made for children's teeth and gums. Attractive slipproof handle design sees to teeth brushing being a comfortable and enjoyable procedure. Innovative formula contains xylitol and essential mineral elements.


Kodomo Toothpaste

Bodywash "Little Joy"

Bodywash "Little Joy" is sure to evoke such a response. Both yours and your child's. Appealing design and unusual package in the shape of car, flower or little animal turn bathing into a merry pastime. It cleans efficiently leaving skin smell nice. It is twice as good a thing with its serving as a bathroom interior decoration.

Volume 40-100ml